Looking back on 50 years, one thing is clear.

There is a thread that runs through everything The Martin Agency has done.

Smart, rebellious work always executed with craftsmanship.

Here’s to the next 50 years.


Mid-life is supposed to bring on a crisis, right? Of course we love sports cars as much as anyone. But The Martin Agency, we’re happy to report, is doing just fine at 50. In fact, you could even say we’re just getting started.

The agency was founded by Dave Martin and George Woltz in 1965 with a simple idea: challenge the advertising status quo. Just by starting an ad agency in Richmond, 350 miles away from Madison Avenue, they were well on their way. The agency has been doing its own special kind of work ever since. Work that has consistently made its way into pop culture, won thousands of awards and most importantly, made dozens of brands very famous.

What do the next 50 years look like? Well, we hope a lot like the first 50. Lots of enduring ideas, solid growth and work we love with people we love. Sounds like a plan to us.

Matt Williams, Chief Executive Officer

Joe Alexander, Chief Creative Officer